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50 Things That Make Me Happy

I want you guys to get to know me, and that’s why I thought this would be the perfect way to get started on my blog! Making this list made me feel incredibly happy and all fuzzy inside. I hope you enjoy 🙂

50 Things That Make Me Happy:
1. My family – mom, dad, little sister and my dog.

2. My friends, especially my closest and best friends.

3. Animals, mainly dogs.

4. Exercising and eating healthy. It makes me feel so much better!

5. Watching YouTube videos, some of my favorites are Zoe Sugg, Bethany Mota, Alfie Deyes, Niomi Smart, Tanya Burr + the list goes on and on.

6. Rainy days. I absolutely love listening to the sound of rain and sometimes I even go for a walk when it’s raining. (I’m weird I know)

7. Cooking and baking! I love to try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen.IMG_1455

8. Singing. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

9. Buying new clothes, because it makes me feel confident and pretty.

10. Pamper day! One of my favorite things ever.

11. Listening to music. Music is so powerful and it’s able to make you feel all kinds of emotions.

12. When people say I have helped them in any kind of way.

13. Reading books. I usually get so caught up in the universe in the book that I sometimes forget about my own life for a while and sometimes that’s nice.

14. To overcome some of my fears anxiety gives me.

15. Laughing so hard it hurts.

16. Making people smile.

17. Being productive and feel like I have done a lot in a certain amount of time.

18. Cuddling with my dog.

19. Swimming and hanging out at the pool or the beach.

20. Writing. Stories, essays, blog posts, literally everything.

21. Going to concerts! One of my absolute favorite things in the entire world.

22. Going for a walk or riding my bike somewhere. I love to feel connected to the nature.Skærmbillede 2016-07-15 kl. 22.41.54

23. Applying my highlighter and blush? Don’t ask me why, hahaha!

24. My favorite bands and singers!

25. Watching episodes of my favorite shows! (Episodes? More like seasons

26. Dancing. It feels so amazing!

27. My skincare. I really try to take good care of my skin.

28. How much better my anxiety has gotten over the years.

29. Writing in my diary. It makes me think a lot clearer and I just get everything out of my brain.

30. School. I know it’s a weird one.. But I really like school! (Except for the homework, oral presentations and PE)

31. Creating amazing memories with my friends and family.

32. The smell of freshly cut grass, the street after it has been raining, coconut, flowers and delicious food.

33. Giving my little sister a manicure, because seeing her smile every time makes all the effort worth it.

34. Seeing how my body and mental health has changed for the better since I started on a healthier lifestyle.

35. Waking up and realize you have 2 more hours to sleep in.

36. Going to new countries and experience amazing things!Skærmbillede 2016-07-15 kl. 22.36.19

37. Watching movies with my dad. (We always watch movies together, it’s kind of a tradition.)

38. Painting my nails.

39. Making a picnic with my friends!

40. Filming and editing videos/pictures. It has been a hobby of mine ever since I was 9 years old.

41. Feeling inspired and motivated to do things and/or reach my goals.

42. Kind, genuine and honest people.

43. Realizing how lucky I am to have this life.

44. Playing the Sims! It’s cool to create a family and build a story for them.

45. The sudden boost of confidence I randomly get.

46. Taking a long, warm and relaxing bath.

47. Spring – it’s probably my favorite season. Seeing everything blooming and turning green makes me really happy.

48. Holidays and weekends. Choosing what I want to do with my time is the absolute best.

49. Going on road trips.

50. This blog. I know I haven’t had it for a long time, and that I just started out. But I already feel so connected to it, and it makes me so happy to write blog posts.

And that pretty much sums up this post. I hope you got to know me a bit better! I would love for you guys to comment some things that make you happy as well.

Louise xxx


14 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. That’s a nice list you got there! 🙂 To be fair, I’d think I would take a fair amount of time just to try and think of 50 things as specific as in your list which make me happy. 🙂 Nice read haha

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  2. Do you happen to have a YouTube channel? I couldn’t tell if you meant for yourself or for a website. If so, reply with its name, I would love to check it out!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is really late, but don’t be shy! If anything, know that no one might see a first few. The limited audience may help you build up your confidence before you move up a bit.

        Liked by 1 person

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